Member of the Month 10+ edition: Shana Tischler

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We asked our JETAADC 10+ reunion eligible JET Talks Chair, Shana Tischler, a few questions as our January Member of the Month. Catch up with Shana and other JET alumni who departed for the JET Programme in 2004 or earlier at Matuba in Bethesda, MD on Sat., Feb. 8 for some sushi with a heaping side of nostalgia. Learn more and register here.

ShanaT-300x259Name: Shana Tischler
JET Placement: Nakatsugawa, Japan
Where I’m from: suburbs of Chicago
What brought me to DC: graduate school

Back in my day, JETs…did not use the internet except for email.

What I miss most from Japan: the food, fashion, and friends

The strangest food I’ve ever eaten: jellied baby bumble bees, a delicacy in my town

The lesson I learned while on JET: keep an open mind

The most important lesson I’ve learned since JET: try anything once

The perfect JETAADC event would be: the 10+ event!

I knew I lived in Washington, DC when: people’s first question was “where do you work?”

Celebrity/historical figure I am convinced that I would be best friends with…if only we could meet: Jane Goodall

The question I’d most like the next Member of the Month to answer is: Why did you apply for JET?

jogogudani 001
Shana, 2002, Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano-ken

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  1. takemi yamamoto

    I’m glad to see dear shana on the internet as MEMBER of the MONTH , JETAADC. HURRAY!

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