Live Your Dream – The Taylor Anderson Story

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Below is a message from Regge Life on his new film project, Live Your Dream – The Taylor Anderson Story:

A little more than two weeks ago, we had just begun the Kickstarter campaign for LIVE YOUR DREAM.  I am happy to report that in 17 days, we have reached the Kickstarter goal and we are moving past it. The tremendous response from the JET community, friends, colleagues and people driven to the site by social media has made it all possible. But this is only the beginning as the Kickstarter goal only takes care of production and editing.  We still intend to have original music composed for the film, make a Japanese version, build a website and set up educational distribution. So for the remaining 23 days, we want to continue to encourage pledging.

I am continuing to research stories from Tohoku to add to the documentary. I am pursuing a story featured on 60 Minutes following the quake with an English teacher named “David” who saved many of the children at his school holding on to a railing near the roof. I am also compiling some friends who can help tell the story of Monty Dickson.

Here’s the project URL:

The website has been updated today to reflect this milestone in pledges and will continue to be updated until the end of the campaign.

Thanks for helping us to spread the word. Take care and above all, continue to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Regge Life