100 English Dreams

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After Christiana heard about possible cuts to the JET program she started a project called 100 English Dreams based on her students’ experiences with English. For more information, see below:

I put this together because it seems that, while there is much support for JET from JETs and other adults, there is really no direct response from the students themselves. I’d like to offer the site as a place where you can send people to show them the positive effects that a committed JET teacher can have on the local community. I’m looking for connections to other organizations that might be able to use this exhibit to gather support for JET – please feel free to pass this exhibit on to them.

You can view it here:

Additionally, I would love to talk about this project with anyone who might be interested. I can be reached at christiana@storiography.com.

Christiana Aretta
Mimasaka City, Okayama 2004-2007