The Sights (and Sounds) of the Ekoji Temple O-Bon Matsuri

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On Saturday, July 13, a dozen or so JET almuni gathered at Ekoji Buddhist Temple in Fairfax Station, VA for their O-bon Matsuri. O-bon is a Japanese holiday in which people honor and welcome back the spirits of their ancestors who, during O-bon, return to Earth to visit their altars. A festival and a Bon O-dori (Bon Dance) are a customary part of the celebration. JETAADC scarfed down Japanese food, joined the Bon O-dori, watched the Nen Daiko taiko group sweat it out on a scorching summer night, and participated in the garden memorial service. Below, get just a little taste of the Ekoji Temple O-Bon Matsuri…

And, finally, the Bon O-Dori…can you spot the JETAADC members among the crowd?

Visit to learn more about the Ekoji Buddhist Temple.

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