Sayonara JETlings: Meet Selene

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The new JET class from Washington, DC departs for Tokyo this Saturday, August 3. Each day this week, we’ll give you a little introduction to some of these new JETs and check back in with them (and other new DC JETs) throughout the year to see how they’re doing.

imageName: C. Selene Della Queva
Nicknames: Selene / Seta Ode
JET Placement: Saitama
Where I’m from: Originally Italy, but also an American !
What I studied and where: George Mason University, Oxford Seminars
What you’ve been up to lately: getting ready for my new life.. Packing, getting to know the areas I will be in, searching for an apartment…

How did you learn about JET? Textbook, friends, clients…

What first sparked your interest in Japan and/or teaching? The fact that it is a positive aspect of globalization! Being able to absorb a new culture while retaining and sharing your own!

What seems like the most useful advice you’ve received about JET thus far? (And where did it come from?) embrace the experiences and deal with them with a healthy and positive attitude so you can take advantage of all the benefits JET offers. In turn this will allow you to Better contribute!

What are you most excited about? Meeting my supervisors and students. Ok, the food too!

What are you most nervous about? My worries are all related to my family. Missing them and not being there for them.

What are you most interested in learning while in Japan? Language, culture, ways to commute!

What will your last meal be before you leave for Japan? My sister’s and my niece’s cooking! It doesn’t matter what!

It’s not practical, but I just had to pack my…  Salon 2800 watt Blow drier and flat iron… Darn curly and frizzy hair!

I’ve already seen photos of my apartment and I know I’ll have to change…  I’m waiting to hopefully get approved… But when I can afford it… A dryer!

Japanese food that you’re afraid you’ll have to eat… No worries there… I love Japanese food! But no horse meat in any country!

Place you’re most looking forward to travel while on JET… Osaka, Hakone, Sapporo, Kyoto, and maybe some neighboring countries!

sayonara jetlings JET travelers (and I know there are lots of you!), which countries did you visit while on JET? Recount your adventures (and travel tips) in the comments. 

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  1. Sara

    I definitely packed my flat iron as well… I know exactly what you mean about curly and frizzy hair, but I’m afraid all that flat-ironing will do nothing for you during the summer months in Japan. The humidity is killer 🙁
    In the winter it’s great though!

  2. Sarah L

    I would add to the curly/frizzy hair conversation and say definitely bring your own hair products! I found that there was no such thing as gel or product for curly hair in the Japanese drugstores.

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