Let’s Talk Japan Podcast: Traditional Japanese Garden Design

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This episode of the Let’s Talk Japan podcast was recorded at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, North Carolina.  Well-known in the region’s gardening circles, Masashi Oshita, or “Mike” as he is known locally, is a master of traditional Japanese garden design.  Together, Nick and Oshita-san discuss what makes Japanese gardens unique, the challenges of creating a Japanese garden outside of Japan, and how traditional Japanese garden design elements can in incorporated into everyday life. 



Let’s Talk Japan is a twice monthly, interview format podcast covering a wide range of Japan-related topics.  Host Nick Harling (Mie-ken, 2001-03) lived in Japan from 2001 until 2005, including two great years as a JET Program participant.  He practices law in Washington, D.C., and lives with his wife who patiently listens to him talk about Japan . . . a lot.

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