Job Opportunity: Japan Information and Culture Center

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Susan Laszewski,
2005-2008, Saitama


Dear JETs,

2005-2008 Saitama JET Susan Laszewski, here. Hope you all are doing well.

I work at the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), Embassy of Japan. We host Japanese cultural events and respond to inquiries about Japan from the public. Some of you may attend our monthly film screenings or may be familiar with us from the JETAA photo exhibit hosted at our gallery in 2009.

The Webmaster/Office Manager position has recently opened up for someone with Japan-related experience and strong computer skills. The main responsibilities are maintaining the JICC website and assisting with other computer-related issues, acting as the point of contact for facilities maintenance, and assisting with cultural events and Japan-related inquiries from the public. If you enjoy working with computers and are interested in sharing your love of Japanese culture with others, please consider applying. It’s a great opportunity for former JETs, but of course please pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested.

For more information, including benefits and how to apply, please visit the link below. And, of course, have a look around the website while you’re there!

Thank you,

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