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As JETAADC’s fiscal year begins anew next month, the upcoming New Year brings with it the opportunity for JET Alumni to become more involved with our organization.

Elections for the 2014-2015 JETAADC year will take place at the next general business meeting on Wednesday, April 16 at the Embassy of Japan.  We will elect four executive officers and several committee chairs.  These positions are listed below and are accompanied by an overview of the basic responsibilities associated with each position. Although we need at least one person to fill each role, it is entirely possible to split responsibilities between two or more people.

If you would be interested in running for one of the positions, please write a short paragraph describing yourself, your platform, and your ideas for JETAADC.  Please email this to me,, by Monday, April 14. 

Even if you are not interested in running for a chair position, we would encourage you to attend the general meeting to learn more about the organization and meet other JETAADC members.  Dinner will be served.  If you are interested in attending, for security purposes, RSVP to the JET Program Office via email at by 5pm on Monday, April 14.   

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the current JETAADC board members.


GENERAL SUPERVISION of business and affairs of JETAADC, its officers and committee chairs. SCHEDULE regular meetings. Advertise on website, newsletter, listserve and Facebook. Preside over meetings.APPROVE activities and publications. COMPLETE reports for JETAAUSA, JETAA, and CLAIR as necessary. REPRESENT JETAADC outside of JET events in any way asked; making speeches, writing articles, attending functions on behalf of JETAADC. ACTIVELY promote and attend JETAADC functions.

ASSIST President as required. FULFILL President’s duties in the absence or disability of the President. CLOSELY SUPERVISE committee chairs. Keep them on track throughout the year and maintain close contact with each chair ensuring the work gets done. ACTIVELY promote and attend JETAADC functions.

RECORD minutes of all official chapter meetings and post notes in a timely manner. PROVIDE information about JETAADC as an organization when necessary. BE AVAILABLE to take minutes at other functions as deemed appropriate by the President. CONDUCT yearly election process. ACTIVELY promote and attend JETAADC functions. APPROVE pending messages and new member requests posted to Google account as they are submitted (done in tandem with Newsletter Chair and Technology Chair). SEND Official JETAADC Welcome Message to each new member upon approval of membership to Google Group. COORDINATE at least one 10+ event each year. MAINTAIN Google Drive. This also involves reminding chairs to maintain their folders.

BE RESPONSIBLE for all funds of the chapter.
 MAINTAIN accurate record of the chapter account(s) and provide documentation to the officers and members.
 DEPOSIT and disperse funds in a timely manner.
PREPARE Grant-in-Aid proposals in accordance with CLAIR guidelines and regulations.  Consult closely with JETAADC chairs and other executive officers when preparing Grant-in-Aid materials.
 COMPLETE necessary paperwork throughout the year if Grant-in-Aid allocations change.
 SUBMIT receipts and required receipts submission forms to CLAIR as per instructions.
 ACTIVELY promote and attend JETAADC functions.


PLAN fun activities on a regular basis.  Try to involve additional members so more ideas can be pooled together.  Also make sure you or someone you are planning with can actually attend. RESEARCH activities as needed.  Check prices, locations, directions, schedules, and exceptions. DETAILS.  For each activity, include any pertinent information from #2 and set date, time, meeting place and RSVP deadline.  Use your judgment with RSVPs – usually for small events like dinners a day or two before the dinner is advisable.  For larger events more time will be needed depending on the logistics. SUBMIT the final list of activities to the newsletter editor and webmaster for inclusion in the newsletter and on the website. POST events on the email Listserv and Facebook.  ATTEND events when you can.  When you cannot, try to have someone else host, such as any of the officers or other committee heads or any JETAA member. Never feel bad for asking for help from any officers!

REACH OUT to new and dormant JET alumni along with non-JETs to increase the network that JETs can use to look for jobs,  advance their careers, and to find potential career panelists or presenters for the Career / Grad School Workshop. RESEARCH & INFORM members of helpful job fairs or websites or relevant job openings in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area via the listserv, newsletter and website. ORGANIZE AND COORDINATE the Career / Grad School Workshop. Coordinate with embassy staff to line up meeting spae, speakers, presenters, and volunteers. PLAN additional activities: networking get-togethers and other professional and related events. COORDINATE with the Newsletter Chair to ANNOUNCE schedule in Newsletter, website, listserv and Facebook.

Newsletter Chair is responsible for creating and curating content to inform members and to encourage member engagement. CREATE, SCHEDULE, POST, and PROMOTE regular content on JETAADC’s website and social media platforms. COLLABORATE with other JETAADC officers to create content and collateral for promoting JETAADC-related events. SOLICIT guest contributions to JETAADC’s blog (on website).  LIAISE with other JET-related organizations (i.e. JETWit, AJET, Country Representatives) to cross-post JETAADC content on their websites; RESEARCH new partnerships.  DEVELOP communications strategy with Executive Board.  REVIEW metrics from website and social media platforms to improve communications efforts; REPORT how findings relate to strategy.

The role is responsible for the management of the chapter’s technology infrastructure and maintaining a strategic vision for the chapter should align its technology resources to better serve its mission. ​MANAGING the chapter’s website (front and back-end) and board member permissions for the website. ​MANAGING the administration of the chapter’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and accounts. ​MANAGING the administration of the website’s hosting and domain registration (including payments, to be reimbursed by the Treasurer). MANAGING and delivering Google Analytics reports associated with the website. ​THOUGHT LEADERSHIP regarding how the chapter organizes its technology infrastructure and social media strategy, and how these processes serve the overall goals of the chapter. ​ISSUE RESOLUTION when chapter and/or board members experience issues with the website, social media use etc. REVIEW and UPDATE the static pages of the JETAADC website as needed.

CREATE a tentative calendar of Volunteer Events for your entire one year term in office if you did not already do so when you submitted your platform during elections. PUBLISH your tentative calendar by emailing it to theJETAADC officers’ list serve, the JETAADC general list serve, posting it to JETAADC’s Facebook page AND webpage, and announcing it in the official JETAADC newsletter  within your first month in office.  RESERVE the dates of volunteer events (either exact or approximate) on the JETAADC Calender.

In this position, one updates the Returnee Handbook where appropriate and adds/edits articles. One is in charge of the upkeep of the PDF and wiki versions of the handbook as both are readily available to all through the website. Updates are chosen through the discretion of the position holder, suggestions from the board, and online comments from the JETAADC community. TARGET sections of the handbook which need updating in a given year. RESEARCH, edit, write, or rewrite sections of the handbook. (Delegate as appropriate.) UPLOAD all edits to the handbook wiki and to the PDF version of the handbook. CHECK the online comments form and follow through as appropriate on a routine basis. COLLABORATE with the blog/newsletter to promote the handbook and encourage commenting from the JETAADC community. PRINT out and distribute the handbook at the Welcome Back Reception. ASSIST other board members and events (e.g. maybe present at the career night).

As the brainchild of Former Ambassador Fujisaki, the JET Ambassadors Program is a volunteer-based program allowing participants to visit local DC and surrounding area schools and share their experiences from Japan through interactive self-designed presentations. The program aims to educate newer generations about Japan and raise international awareness throughout the community, as well as giving former JETs the chance to reconnect with their own experiences. COORDINATE presentation requests for local area schools and organizations who have an interest in Japan. PROMOTE the program in the area, as well as nationally, and RECRUIT volunteers for participation. LIAISE between the Embassy and presenters to ensure smooth implementation of program. SUBMIT activities reports and invoices for presentations. OVERSEE interactions between presenters and teachers to ensure a smooth and successful presentation.

This Chair position was newly proposed at the 2013 JETAA Board elections and was created out of an idea to help inform audiences and spread new ideas about Japan in a TED Talks-like setting.  The role of this board member is to organize and coordinate four JET Talks a year on technology, entertainment, and design involving Japan. This board member uses creativity and resourcefulness in deciding on speakers, topics, and venue options.  There is room for growth and additional activities within this position because it is new to the Board. REACH OUT to potential speakers based on their work or interest involving Japan. Confirm speakers and help guide upcoming speaker on topic. Plan ahead for future JET Talks. CONFIRM potential venues for JET Talks based on audience, cost, and timing of the talk. ORGANIZE JET Talks with the speaker and the venue while staying within the budget. Coordinate with the JETAA Board and volunteers. ANNOUNCE JET Talks and other events via social media and email to JETAA members and the public. FOLLOW-UP with the speaker, venue, audience, and JETAA Board to evaluate the JET Talks and other events.  Highlight the event via the blog and other forms of social media.

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