JETAADC 10+ Luncheon 10/25/14

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Last Saturday JETAADC members who left for Japan in 2004 or earlier came together for a meal at Tachibana in McLean, VA. The food was great and the company was even better. Attendees ate a traditional Japanese bento and a surprise dessert. While not many had heard of Tachibana before, several alumni stated they wanted to come back to the restaurant again! Everyone enjoyed catching up with each other and I certainly enjoyed meeting some of the older JET alumni in the Washington, DC area.


JETAADC 10+ events are for JETAADC members (and their significant others) who left for Japan 10 years ago from the event’s calender year. They are a great opportunity to meetup with friends, to meet fellow alumni you don’t know yet, and to talk about how Japan was “back in your day”. They are also great events to attend if you don’t go to the more regular JETAADC happy hours and networking events. JETAADC plans on having at least two 10+ events a year. If you have any suggestions for an event, please email Christine at

Keep in mind that our next event will be in 2015, so everyone who left for Japan in 2005 or earlier will be eligible to attend! Please look out for emails from JETAADC about future 10+ events. If you would like to receive emails from JETAADC, please visit

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