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As many of you know, the JET Programme and funding for JET Alumni chapters have come under review in recent months as budgets are being slashed across Japan.  This past weekend, the leadership of the 19 US JETAA chapters met in New York City to discuss the current state of affairs in Japan and develop a collective plan moving forward.

Due to the threat of elimination, there was an added sense of urgency among the delegates to increase the profile of the chapters, develop more frequent cross-chapter collaborations, and create a unified JETAA USA voice.

The National conference was attended by Ambassador Fujisaki based in Washington, as well as Ambassador Nishimiya, Consular General of New York.  Both ambassadors addressed the delegates and encouraged the alumni into action.

In the coming weeks and months, the JETAADC board will continue to work on our own initiatives we set forth 5 months ago.  Additionally, we will be working more closely with other chapters to embrace JETAA USA initiatives which will truly showcase, in a public venue, the broad array of alumni and the positive effect the program has had on the US and Japan over the last 23 years.

Please continue to look for our future e-mails and check our website as these events and initiatives take shape.

The Japan Times has picked up the story and you may click here to read it.  We have also posted the article to our website.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


JETAADC Executive Committee