JET Talks: A Call for Speakers

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In late 2012, the JET Alumni Association of Washington, DC (JETAADC) developed a new speaker series called JET Talks, based on TED Talks, to bring interesting and dynamic speakers to talk about Japan.  Our first JET Talks event was a film screening of LIVE YOUR DREAM: The Taylor Anderson Story about the loss of two JETs during the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Following the film, we held a panel discussion with the father and sister of the JETs, as well as the film’s director.  It was a very successful event. JETAADC is seeking future speakers for our JET Talks event, from various fields and backgrounds, to speak on Japan.  We appreciate your feedback on the following quick survey!

 Please click here to take the survey!

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  1. Brandon Wright

    I’d like to see some discussion on US-Japan relations – policy, business, security etc. – and the role they play in Asia’s 21st Century development.

  2. Mark Flanigan

    I am a JET alumnus who was able to return to Japan once again on the Rotary Peace Fellowship. I earned an MA in Peace Studies at ICU in Tokyo, thanks to the generosity of Rotary International. I’d be happy to talk about this great opportunity for other JET alumni as well!

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