JET Ambassadors

What is a JET Ambassador?

The JET Ambassadors Program is a volunteer-based program allowing JET alumni to visit interested schools in the DC metro area and share their experiences from Japan. They provide interactive self-designed presentations on topics ranging from school life in Japan and geography to Japanese culture, food, and many others. The program aims to educate younger generations of American students about Japan and raise international awareness throughout the community, as well as give former JETs the chance to reconnect with their own experiences.

JET Ambassador visits can happen throughout the year with the majority of visits happening during the workweek. A small honorarium is provided to presenters for their time and travel efforts pending funding.

How can I get involved?

For alumni interested in being one of our JET Ambassadors, please sign-up below. We will contact you if we have found a school match for you.

Become a JET Ambassador!

For teachers or educators interested in having a JET Ambassador come to your school, please fill out the short questionnaire here. We will do our best to fulfill your request!

Teacher/Educator Questionnaire

If you happen to have any other questions, please contact the JET Ambassadors Chair at