Interpreter/Translator Needed ASAP

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Outreach Chair
Leigh Ann
(Hyogo-ken, 2006-2008)


I’m looking for an interpreter/translator who can be in Tokyo by early next week. They need not be in Japan (or Tokyo right now), but would need to work out of my client’s office in Shingawa for the next two-three weeks. The interpreter must be effectively bilingual, both in spoken and written Japanese.

The details (other than language capability):
– Work in the Tokyo office in Shinagawa
– 5 days a week starting Tuesday
– Regular working hours
– Duties involve working with Tokyo leadership in response room to disseminate messages and talking points to media, govt, etc.
– Lasts 3 weeks, could be more
– Industry is energy (oil and gas)

This person would operate as the in-house interpreter for the company.

Please let me know if you can help! Yoroshiku!