Help JET Prefectural Advisor with the Gifu Skill Development Conference

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Simon Ehrlich, a second-year ALT and regional prefectural advisor in Gifu prefecture, is currently planning Gifu’s second Skill Development Conference, coming up later this month. In addition to information about resumes, CVs, and job searching, they are hoping to give our ALTs examples of post-JET experiences from other JET alumni to give them a better sense of what opportunities are out there — and they need your help!

If you’re able to answer the questions below and send your answers to Simon at by Tuesday, January 20, 2015, it will help give Gifu ALTs a taste of life after JET.

1) How long were you on JET and what position (ALT/CIR) did you have?

2) How did you get your next job after JET? (Or your dream job)

3) Specifically, what skills did you learn on JET that helped you get that job?

4) What have you told potential employers about your experience on JET?

5) What are the differences between your working conditions now and your working conditions as a JET? (e.g. salary, hours, flexibility, holidays, job satisfaction, responsibility)

Please also let Simon know if you’d like to include your name or initials with your answers – or if you prefer to be anonymous.

Any other questions can be directed to Simon Ehrlich at

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