Children’s Corner Committee — Volunteers needed!

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From: Sarah Tillotson
Kyoto 06-08


Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Tillotson and this year I am chairing the Children’s Corner Committee at the Sakura Matsuri.  Last year JET alums made up the majority of volunteers in the Children’s Corner, and it was a big success; it would be great if we have a good JETAA presence again this year!

Representing JETAADC as an organization in the Children’s Corner is a great chance to:

  • Share your passion for and knowledge of Japan
  • Strengthen JETAADC’s relationship with JASW and other Japan-based organizations/corporations in the DC area
  • Get the word out and promote the JET Program to potential applicants

Activities include teaching calligraphy, origami, and Japanese games, helping facilitate the stage performances (which include a Japanese astronaut and Nascar racer), and making sure that the little tykes have fun 🙂

Due in large part to the efforts and support of JETAADC, the Children’s Corner has become one of the most popular tents at the festival.  We need people like you who are enthusiastic about Japan and enjoy interacting with children.

For more information on the festival, and to register to volunteer online, please visit and select Children’s Corner.  Make sure to include in the comments section that you are a former JET.  As of today, there are a few spots open in the morning shift, and about 10 in the afternoon shift.  It is important that we have enough volunteers for the entire day, so if you are available for the afternoon time slot, please sign up for that one!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!